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Friday, September 20, 2013

Observe yourself and Absorb yourself...!!!

The faith you have within,  let it not perish, don't jump to conclusions ,
but be a silent storm, like a breeze,
which flows within, and disturbs none...!!!

Everything is so simple, it only seems difficult,
Each knot has a role, a purpose, let it be the way it is,
Force creates a resistance, and brings stains ..!!!

Could be yourself..?
for long you have been some one else ,
observe yourself, and absorb yourself...!!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Though not satisfied, yet a sigh of relax... !!! Yesss ... Rapist would be hanged ...!!!

I don't wish to dwell into the theories of punishment, whether death penalty should be given or no ...As rape is very-much conscious effort  to murder the dignity of the individual with force...!!! The rapist need no mercy in respect of punishment and rehabilitation. This predetermined force (to rape someone)- to overpower someone and enjoy the process need a strong answer like death penalty, these shameless people must experience death...they should be killed, ...!!!

Though I have an extremely heavy feeling on whole issue. But the state of being uncomfortable for long disturbs the efforts of ours which are trying to establish peace in our life. Raping someone is an attitude which is hard to be amended or improved. Rape is one of the most heinous crime than any other crime existed in these so called "humane civilization". I always believe in this "Granting human rights to the culprits would means denying human rights to innocent".

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!!

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!! 
An argument in the organ donation awareness drive at zensar... !!

A person- We cannot make a person immortal by donating the organ ...the reciepient is definitely going to die some day.. then why donate.. ?

I - sir we can increase the life span of a person when our lives end.. 

Person- but i believe in rebirth , so the person is going to take birth again... why create intervention by this donation, let that person die and take rebirth...

I- sir can you guarantee the person's rebirth... ?

Person - many patients die after transplantation ... then ... ?
I - sir this not compulsory.. its your wish ...

Person- i am anyways not going to donate , i just wanted to convince that you are creating an intervention .....

I - sir.. do you take medicine when u r ill or do you have meal when u r hungry.. ?

Person - excuse me i have call... !!!!

And he didn't turn back...
So this is how some over intelligent people drain their energy and are always dissatisfied , negative about life even in BMW... !!

But i was extremely pleased by some generous people around.. they were few .. but they were determined about the progessive mindset and were rational enough to pledge for organ donation ... !!!
Thank you akshay for ur support.... 

Monday, August 26, 2013

It is not about whom you support, you just don't be on the side of injustice ..!!!

The story of protest..!!!
FTII protest # AISA Protest # Against brutal attack by ABVP activist#

Students : Inqlab Zindabad .. we want freedom of expression..!!!
Police : Students you cannot protest , as you would be attacked again by the activist ..!! 
Students : lets see , this is a silent protest ...!!
Police : You would be arrested , if you protest..!!!
Students : We all are ready ...!!!
Police: you can only protest till NFAI ...!!!
Students : we everyday go there...we want people to know how an idea to express is being killed and attacked .. We want freedom without fear ...we will go till omkareshwar bridge (Place where Dr. Dabolkar was killed )!!
Police: We cannot give you the permission to protest ...!!!
And the surrounded the entry with their vehicles and police force having lathi and guns with them...

I was wondering about the statements from police , "you are not allowed... you cannot protest .... you can protest here only..." Shame ..!!! They cannot even assure the security to students who were fighting for there own rights ... this was absolutely ridiculous...!!

...... for one and half hours we all students were protesting with songs, slogans, some play were set on the main gate ..!!! By the time discussion was going on with Police regarding permission , Mukta Manonar Comrade she took permission and gave a letter to police .. And we were allowed to protest silently, with posters and banners and black ribbon on our mouth ...!!!

We started the march from FTII and reached the place where the idea (Dr.Dabholkar) was attacked and killed , no body attacked us, no body arrested us...!!!

I don't know what and how it would bring change, but yess I was happy to see the force against injustice, everybody was a volunteer and a voice of his /her own against injustice..!!! It is not about whom you support, you just don't be on the side of injustice ..!!!
We are Grateful to Mukta Manohar Comrade .. !!! Laal Salaam...!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“Against the Tide”

If you are simply addicted to read , read and read for getting introduced to new concepts. Just to expand your horizon of thinking through reading. And in this process you learn lessons in life, which may be a key in your complex life. I am an avid reader on blogs. I have come across a blog “Against the Tide” which is simply dedicated to students of mass media by a journalist, Joe Pinto.

I being a media student know Pinto sir at our college for his lectures on feature writing. He was the strictest among all professors. But he was most concerned about the writing style and teaching the art of writing to students from the bottom of his heart. For this very reason he created a blog “Against the Tide”. 

“Against the Tide”, is open for discussions and comments and putting forward doubts related to mass media and communication. Since Joe Pinto sir has a varied experience in the field of journalism he guides and enlightens students based on his experience.
He had held various positions in his career of journalism few of them are Editor of Gomantak Times, Assistant Editor of Maharashtra Herald, a consultant at Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana, on their Trustee Empowerment and Teacher Training programmes, and also as a visiting faculty in mass media institutes and colleges. 

The aim of “Against the Tide” is to keep increasing the strength and faith of the students in journalistic principles, values and ethics. To build a set of connections of journalists, who think for themselves and will not, therefore, put up for sale themselves as the "stenographers of corporate power" in the pursuit of "manufacturing consent" or knitting the public opinion.

The blog further aims to help student like us stand firm to the lure of mass media, especially due to corporate influence. Also to encourage the media student to cherish and uphold their own consciences; to learn how to keep listening to own self even in chaotic situations. Some times we feel media in crisis, when we come across the examples of journalist in the present issues of scams. But People like Pinto sir, helps us to rekindle our faith in journalism.
“Against the Tide” has helped me a lot in clarifying my doubts, as Pinto sir not only gives you fish to eat for the day but he teaches how to catch fish by giving us a net of knowledge in the field of mass media.
Here is the link ...
I had written this article when I had just started freelancing with Sakaal Times .... :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

.... तभी उलफत से बेहतर नफरत लगे हमें ...!!

कुछ शाखायें बस टूट जाती है,
मर्रहम कोई भी करो बस बिखर जाती है ....

टूटना बिखरना फितरत है नहीं हमारी ,
बिखरकर भी निखरना आदत है हमारी ...

अगर अल्फाजो में आवाज़ सुन सको,
तो अपने जेहेन  में हमें रखो ...

फुरसत में अपनी आवाज़ सुनो ,
कही हमारे लब्ज़ तो नहीं गुनगुना रहे  वही ..

खैर , कोई शिकवे  हो तो मिटा लेते  ,
पर , शिकवे कोई नहीं यही तो गिला है ...

तेरी यादों का सन्नाटा , गूंजे जेहेन में ,
तभी  उलफत से बेहतर नफरत लगे हमें ...

--  तेज 

Dwelling in the Past ........ !!!!

There is no problem dwelling in past , unless and until you know that it is past and it has gone....!!!

So one must knock at your mind regularly. Read it, no need to understand it , but listen to your thoughts . Don't keep them stagnant, Visit your thoughts often  ...In-fact I reject the thought which say's " Ignore past or thoughts of past ".

Do not ignore past thoughts. Let your mind know them well that - it was past  , recognise its origin - roots, nature. Unless and until past thoughts are digested properly you cannot make way for new thoughts.When you visit your mind regularly it remains afresh. New plain thoughts may enter, with the acceptance of passed thoughts.

It's like if you have to win  a race on a track in speed. You do not keep staring at track , knowing the facts and figures about track and winning records and imagine your win.. Right ..? So you must land on the track, let your own feet feel the track, its length... Let your feet and breath together feel the race understand their own ability to win ....  This is winning over your mind ...:)

So go, Knock it, know it , ...:)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Welcome Monsoon.... !!!! Expect less accept more ...:)

I know there are many species on planet earth who love monsoon (Rain).... And I am one of them.... :)
I love the freshness in the season... The shades of green, the fragrance of mother earth, the wetness in the air ..... I still crave for rainbow in monsoon time....... :)  I love the weather which bring changes on arrival of monsoon... !!!

I feel there is some natural connection between me and  nature especially with monsoon ... For me monsoon is the natural outburst at right moment, you cannot force it, drag it, delay it.... Same like our feelings and emotions..... Which right time for its arrival and departure... :)

I learn lessons of life  from Monsoon- It's process teaches me that everything has a right time, be prepared for uncertainties....:)  Expect less accept more is one of the most important funda of monsoon....!!! one can learn the devotion from clouds as they  pour themselves down on the earth ... meet oceans and again pour themselves down making planet earth full of life and greenery all  around ...

The thunder storms, the lightening sky , the stormy wind stays for a moment and gives way for blessings of monsoon for us... :) No feeling stays permanent be it happiness or sadness ... It's a process having a cyclic nature... One after the other .... and continues forever .. nothing stays longer.. each emotion has its expiry moment .... :)

In each drop I feel purity, each drop is a pearl of memory for me... I love to see the leaves dancing when the rain drop is falling on them , the flowers smiling and blooming more beautifully..... :) I feel same when its rains as the tears roll down with satisfaction and acceptance of a situation... Its kind of a mature feeling for me ...:)

Happy and lovey mOnsoon to all , Let the dryness may turn to freshness, let all vain thoughts may drain in to the oceans depth, Welcome a new drop as a new hope to live better with peace and Purity .... :)

Stay blessed, in bliss with monsoon ...:)

Love , Live and care for all ... :) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dream it .. wish it ... Do it ...:)

Inspiration of the day .... Hat's off to the dreamers ..... :) :)

Interacted with a Conductor of PMT pune, he works for 12 hrs on contract basis from 5am to 5 pm and now is looking for a guidance or coaching class to assist him to achieve his dream to enter into civil services ....  he was just 23-24yrs old and wishes to enter into the system to drive change ... I loved his passion and vision for life , with so much of rush , hush bush in life how does one dedicate time to fulfill the dream ..:)   Great respect ...!!!

( Met him at Photo Copy shop, and he enquired to me Do you know any coaching institute near by .... and he started with his story )

The interaction ended with his confident Statement " Adhikari tar honarch ( I would Definitely be an officer ) Yevdha kasht kartoy , ajun karayla kaay jatay ...( I am working so hard , doesn't matter if I work more hard )"..... :)

I was taken aback ... and recalled my own dream .... :)
There is so much to read and learn and keep oneself self motivated..... And  achieve what one wishes to be .. :)

The idea of living...:)

Death is the end of life... End of life is death of feelings, emotions, growth, and living.....!!!
Death is so certain , much obvious ...Still feared , and life being so uncertain still welcomed!!!

Living needs support, hope, trust in today to see tomorrow...!!!
Life is an experience , new and unpredictable every moment ...!!!

Life needs a carving hand which can shape living ...!!!
Living is not reaching towards death.... rather bridging the gap between life and death ...!!! 

More than death ... It is life which needs sympathy ....:)
A life which tries to survive with all odds knowing that everything is gonna end one day ,
And still believes that I can live everyday .....:)

Every-time when I feel my heart is heavy with living ,  I love to ponder on the idea of living .... And every-time I fail to define what is life ...:)

--- Tejashri Pratap Pratibha Kamble.... :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

" दिन रात तुला मी "

कादंबर्या वाचण्याचा छंद जरी नसला तरी हे पुस्तक नक्कीच वाचा " दिन रात तुला मी ", विजय तरवडे ... फारच लाईट पण मनावर ठसे उमटवणारी अशी काही क्षण. प्रत्येकाच्या आयुष्यात पहिल्या प्रेमाचे काही असे क्षण असतात कि कितीहि  सुख लाभो कुठे तरी आतुर इच्छा बाकीच असते.  " दिन रात तुला मी " , यात विजय तरवडे यांनी आपल्या काही दिवाळी अंकातील  विशेष लेख   घेतले आहेत. प्रत्येक लेखात एक विलक्षण आकर्षण आहे गुंतवून ठेवण्याचा.

पुण्यातील पुरा पासून तर हल्लीच्या पुण्याबद्दलचे बारकाईने केलेले निरीक्षण दिसते.प्रत्येक लेखात एक वेगळ्या अश्या  अबोल प्रेमाचा ,  आईच्या मायेचा , नोकरीच्या दगादगित कुठे तरी विसावा देणारी क्षण,  शाळेतील मज्जा . म्हणजे आपण या लेखात नक्कीच स्वतःला शोधून काढू .. स्वतःला नाही तर किमान आपल्या काही भावना ज्यांना आपण कधीच व्यक्त होऊ दिला नाही त्या इकडे नक्कीच कोणी तरी आपल्या साठीच लिहलं असावा, असं वाटतं.

वर्षांतर  - -  यातील पुराचे वर्णन आणि शाळेतील खोडकर मुले इतकाच नव्हे तर पुरातही मज्जा घेणारी लोक आणि पुराने दुखावलेल्यालोकांच्या मनाचे दर्शन.   दिन रात तुला मी, या लेखात सुंदर अशी अबोल प्रेमाचा स्पर्श. पाऊस, नोकरीत बदलीच्या वैताग तरी सुद्धा ज्या व्यक्ती मुले आपली बदली चुकली तीच व्यक्ती मनाच्या कोपर्यात कुठे तरी दाटून बसलेली.  बर्याचदा अश्या गोष्टींना " Extra marital Affairs" असे संबोधले जाते. पण त्या इतक्या लवचिक पणे मांडल्या आहेत कि काही चुकीचं असं वाटत नाही.

स्त्री पुरुषाच्या आयुष्यात आकार्षाना पलीकडेही फार मोठं एक  नातं असतं, म्हणूनच निसर्गाने या दोघांच्या बंधनात अनेक नाते गुंफावली आहेत. मैत्री, द्वेष, अपुरं प्रेम,   आयुष्याचा मोह, असमाधानी मन, पण तरीही हसतमुख चेहरा. हेच आयुष्य आहे. वाचता वाचता फार काही शिकून जातो आपण . बर्याच चुळबुळ करणाऱ्या भावनांना योग्य स्थान मनात मिळून जाते , वाचता वाचता लेख का संपलं असंही वाटतं.  आणि मग मनाच्या कोप्य्रातील  आपल्या काही गोष्टींवर आपण नक्कीच खुदकन हसू.

Book Review : " दिन रात तुला मी "

Tejashri Pratap Pratibha Kamble


Saturday, May 11, 2013

lets play a role of being mother...!!!!

A women is always a mother but  " A mother " can be anyone who knows how to care  and continues caring without any expectations of the same feeling (of care).

When you really can't express, your hug, a look at your face tells her what you are undergoing.... She can put the world upside down for you ...!!!

 I feel great when my mother shares her each and every feeling with me  , " It is my mother who gives me the feeling of being her mother "

lets play a role of being mother  .. Love, share, care suggest, help, be kind , trust , forgive and Love again ....:)

"Wake up sid"....

"When you achieve what you desire , you will be happy only when you have someone to share your happiness with.... "

The emptiness was filled with a good stuff after long time I watched "Wake up sid"....  

Wow.... .. Loved it ... !!! 
" Must watch " is a bit late remark... But there might be some genuine lovers of good movies , who might have missed it....Konkana sen Sharma (Ayeshaaa) was excellent , so natural .... Ranbeeer no comments he is BOSSS ....

"Tum Hi Musaafir Tum Hi Toh Ho Kaarwaan"

just wow ... "
Aaj Kal Jindagi Mujhase Hai Keh Rahi
Tu Jo Meri Maane Toh Chal Deewaane Sapano Ki Raahon Mein Tu
Saari Khushbuo Saari Roshani Ko Le Le Inn Baahon Mein Tu
Abb Hai Tu Jahaan, Din Raat Saare Naye Hain
Aaraju Jawaan Jasbaat Saare Naye Hai
Naye Raaste Hai Tere Waaste Panaaho Mein Tu
Pehchaane Saari Muskaane Saari Bhar Le Migaahon Mein Tu O Ho
Tere Liye Nayi Hai Jamin Naya Aasmaan
Likh De Hawaao Pe Koyi Nayi Daastaan..."

"Sun Rahi Hoon Main Sudh Budh Khoke Koyi Main Kahaani
Puri Kahaani Hai Kya Kise Hai Pata
Main Toh Kisiki Hoke Yeh Bhi Na Jaani
Rut Hai Yeh Do Pal Ki Ya Rahegi Sada
Kise Hai Pata..."

Lots of learning and revision of Life's Experiences ....

नाते ......!!!!!!

नाते ......!!!!!!
आपल्या आयुष्यातील नाते , एक फुला प्रमाने असावेत .....
जो आपला सुगंध पसरवान्यात  कधीच भेद करत नहीं,
प्रत्येकाला सारखाच स्पर्श देतो -- कोमल, प्रेमळ.....
शेवटी घेणार्यावर .... देत राहणे त्याचे काम...

तसेच आपण आपल्या आयुष्यातील प्रत्येक
नात्याच्या मनात - एक सुंदर फुल रोपाचे  बीज रोवावे..
आपल्या वागणुकीतून, बोलण्यातून, आणि असण्यातून,
मग जेव्हा केव्हा हि त्या नात्याला आपली आठवण येइल ,
त्याच्या चेहऱ्यावर त्याच सुंदर फुलासारखे हास्य दिसून येईल....

" मी मनस्वी "

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All I can Say about Dear Marx is that ....

"For me your work is a kindle to bring light in darkness .... And this darkness is of inequality , deep rooted poverty ...... many reject you ,,, but for me You are always relevant in this this world.... people need to see reality as it is , not a perceived notion.. I agree that religion is opium for masses , as religion is dividing society each day with more sharp division, and deviating the attention from concerned issues to trivial issues, ....!!!!

, And looking at state of Indian state i feel State is an instrument of exploitation, the way scams for few, and the hyper rich industrialist are being favoured by Indian state is absolute shame on state of India.... ... 

You Have seen everything from labour's point of view, and everyone in this life is a labour, one has take efforts to breath , no one can breath on your behalf... this is the story of life when you take birth in this world,,,, you have to rise and struggle for your own rights , even against the institute who has created the rights .... Respect honour and and eternal Love for you Marx...... :) "

Monday, April 29, 2013

There is a school within you ....

There is a school within you .... 

Where you are the master of your own strength and weaknesses ...
Where you know better how to learn and unlearn .....

There is playground in your school where you play what you wish not guided by rules and not limited by games.... 
There is classroom  where you dare to ask yourself the question you have never asked to anyone ......

When you look around you find yourself in everything ... Be it Good bad,,,, Right wrong .... 

 your now not bothered about adjectives attached to you ... Because you have accepted you as you are ... 
You grow within in your thoughts which gives energy to shake your unending dreams....

Listen to your inner-voice, it whispers much louder than thunderstorms in the sky ....
There is school within you learn with mistakes , there is no punishments for  new experiments  ... for new imagination ....

You can think and grow within your school much better , just give yourself a chance to be your own pupil, a kid, a learner .... 

By me 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

goal ...focus ...!!!!

Something on goal or  focus of life , taking  human  life process and its organs as an analogy  etc etc ...!!!

See life , how it functions can any single organ claim its importance over other to live life healthy and happy... the obvious answer is  a big "NO"... People say you cannot have two goals or multiple goals , if you focus this you will miss the other ... Some how I disagree with this statement to some extent ... As there is something called vision of life which has multiple goals ... So Vision of life is the entire mechanism of life processes which helps to continue with life giving status as healthy happy living being, by working and taking care of each organ which facilitates this... 

So the point I wish to make is clear , people are forced to say that what you wish to become must only one thing it cannot be multiple facets that one wish to aspire... !! I

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Your life is a simple equation ::)

You grow Young with your thoughts ....:)
You grow old with your deeds (Work).... :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keep Walking ...!!!!

Don't limit yourself with your limitations..!!!  Flux of career & life and  aspiration about life to live with dreams one see...!!!

Fear of death is no more a substantial fear , now have been overcome by fear of loosing an opportunity.... !!! People travel without fear in cities of high alert in search of opportunity... They know for sure , if we don't die in bomblast , we may kill ourselves everyday by loosing the opportunity that has knocked the door ... so just go and seek  the opportunity... It's not ridiculous, but rational decision...!!

Has Career become more important than life .... ? Its so disturbing that living life having career is on parallel tracks...Life has become so hard , one gets food to eat but is still hungry for working on making dream come true....  There is no  peace in life if you are not doing what you like or what you wish to do... !!!

I understand , not every wish is fulfilled, but many of us has one single wish that if is not fulfilled we go mad.. one feels as a victim , Why only " ME "..? Then many of our friend, philosopher , guide, mentors console us with all inspirational quotes,  " try hard next time , don't worry this happens with all even I have faced this problems, Life is all about such experiences, never give up.... etc etc... !!!!! They are right in their own spirit, and love and care for us. .. Also we feel our parents don't understand what  we want , so they keep asking questions what are we exactly doing with our life..  Even They are absolutely right , everybody who really cares for us is right in their position for our concern....

 What is wrong - is the  situation and time... Let this time go .. Try to Create peace in your mind, you cannot think with a mind seems like a bucket full of water , and you cannot pour more water into it... but you have to empty it.... or take a new bucket ...Then pour your complex thoughts into it... you can take up more thoughts, responsibilities , you can or you must expand yourself ....don't limit yourself with your limitations  !!! So  one should keep trying with all possible efforts and capacity we have... !!

We have have to expand our capacity, understand our passion define it under all circumstances so  no time should fade the passion... Go beyond limits, seek for a  "NEW YOU ", we need to discover and rediscover ourselves again and again..Plan again and again... We can reach to our dreams ....  We may some time end up finding our real being , than a perceived being .. But definitely all efforts are finally counted .... They do get recognition in terms of its value it has... so keep searching yourself ... .. :)

Dedicated to all who wish to live a purposeful life with a dream  .. Salute to the efforts and trials one make to establish one's own dream into realty .... !!!

Lots of Love  and care to all ...:)
 Tejashri Pratap Pratibha Kamble

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Listen to your Heart.... !!!!!!!

Love does has special feeling(tinkling one ) in everybody's life.. I completely agree ... Love is beyond any relation , I agree to this part also ... Each and every life on earth wishes deeply to be loved by other and specially by the one whom they love.... So I would love to discuss about the feeling which meant for a special person... Which cannot be shared  .... sacred , pristine and divine in its essence  !!!

I have seen many real love stories, and every story  has risen my eyebrows with great feeling... For some Love was energy, aim of life, mission to achieve, accomplish, one of the most beautiful thing that ever happened to them and what not..... !!!! For some love was a mistake, unreal, fake, the worst thing that has ever happened to them...!!

Definitely I was not surprised by listening to the adjectives for love.... It was all dependent on experience they had with love. So was understanding the extremism of Love ...

What I felt about this concept is ... It cannot be defined , it is relative to experience . Definitely its not a bubble effect , which might go... But it stays , You may ignore its presence but it is very much aware of your treatment to the feeling . And this ignorance creates a problem.. One needs to pay attention to what one is feeling and get things clear.. Give time to understand reality than craving for love. One cannot have victory over love, but one can just Love. One does not fail in love , but one fails to understand the situation for that moment .

Love is the most simple feeling .. having most complex reactions..... ;) . Love is faith plus hope for a better life to be lived with Loved one... But this faith , hope may crush into pieces ... Doesn't matter ...!!! Remember Life is equally important as Love is.  Respect the dignity of life. Some people ruin their life in failure... So understand the limitations of situation and accept facts and Move on ...

As  falling in love is natural but getting out of it is absolute intentional...and may be sometimes getting hurt is life is above all.. the way we can live with love we can manage without it also...Its not about being lucky who finds and gets the love they wish. Its just an act , a small part of life but for them the entire life.

Try and understand your heart carefully, it will never take you in wrong direction. Have faith in your feelings , when they are uncomfortable, there is something wrong .Its not a random feeling , It knows why it flows, let it flow... Don't try to control it and don't try to hold it. It knows its way. Love needs freedom in the cage of Loved one. Love is just love , it has no similar existence , its simply unique to each person. Since ages people have tried to define love, but no one succeeded, How can I ..?

Instead of understanding love , just fall in love,  just fall in love with your life . And you have freedom to define what your life is..?  You will rise in your life...

Nothing personal but this is what i feel ...:)

- Tejashri (Maanvi- Manasvi)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was magic ... We were building India .. through ideas, innovation, dreams, hopes and Possibilities to drive change... !!!!

Jagriti Yatra - Awakening Ideas..Youth ... And finally Building India...... !!!!!!!

1 train- 12 locations- 15 days- 450 young people- 8000kms...This is the  summary of my external journey  .  But for me this was more about internal journey ....!!!!!!

 Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey that takes hundreds of highly motivated youth ,   between the age group  of 20-25 years  and experienced professionals with age above 25 yrs. on a 15 day day national odyssey, introducing them to unsung heroes of India, Role model visits of innovation and social entrepreneurship . The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship - both social and economic - within India's youth by exposing them to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India's distinct challenges with confidence and hope.... !!!

We started with the most successful story of Dabbawalas in mumbai , amazed by their values and worship for work. They enlightened me with one thought All you need is love your duty to be a best service provider and yesss no technology with zero error, amazing . Then we were treated by JY team with a wonderful inaugural function.

The Anthem of yatra was introduced here .... It goes as follows ...Lyrics is awesome and is choreographed in a  superb   way//////

kuch badal raha .. kuch badlenge badlegaaa jab badlenge... Kuch dekha hai kuch dekhenge.. kuch likkha hai kuchh likkh denge...

Yaroo chalo ...Yaroo chalo....... Badalne ki rutt hai... 
Yaroo chalo ...Yaroo chalo....... swarne ki rutt hai... 

Hawa keh rahi tu teherana nahi.... gagan keh raha tu pighalna nahi...
jamin kehrahi tu mujhko chhu ke dekh.. aur aankhe milaa sach se darna nahiiiiii....
Yaroo chalo ...Yaroo chalo....... Badalne ki rutt hai...
Yaroo chalo ...Yaroo chalo....... swarne ki rutt hai...

Hmmmmmmm....... It was .... It is... And It will bee always a  Mesmerizing experience ...Only a yatri could explain the thrill and energy of the Anthem....!!!!!!!

Then we left TISS campus and moved on to Kurla station in Mumbai.... Where we waited for a long awaited TRAIN.... <3.... !!! on the Christmas eve with carol singing on platform, meeting people .. Finally train arrived And the journey began... 

So in-short it was like  Moving Train, running Brain.... Cold weather , Hot discussion.... Young minds ... drive for change... Lots of energy... Loads of dreams... Each visit .... new learning.... new idea.. new hope.... Thank You Jagriti Yatra team for this fabulous experience.....!!!! 
Yatra confirmed me the fact that India is a young and amazing country .  This journey introduced me with amazing people and converted all into wonderful  friends. 

( All I have written is in my dairy... being little lazy to put up here .... )