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Friday, August 30, 2013

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!!

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!! 
An argument in the organ donation awareness drive at zensar... !!

A person- We cannot make a person immortal by donating the organ ...the reciepient is definitely going to die some day.. then why donate.. ?

I - sir we can increase the life span of a person when our lives end.. 

Person- but i believe in rebirth , so the person is going to take birth again... why create intervention by this donation, let that person die and take rebirth...

I- sir can you guarantee the person's rebirth... ?

Person - many patients die after transplantation ... then ... ?
I - sir this not compulsory.. its your wish ...

Person- i am anyways not going to donate , i just wanted to convince that you are creating an intervention .....

I - sir.. do you take medicine when u r ill or do you have meal when u r hungry.. ?

Person - excuse me i have call... !!!!

And he didn't turn back...
So this is how some over intelligent people drain their energy and are always dissatisfied , negative about life even in BMW... !!

But i was extremely pleased by some generous people around.. they were few .. but they were determined about the progessive mindset and were rational enough to pledge for organ donation ... !!!
Thank you akshay for ur support.... 

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