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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keep Walking ...!!!!

Don't limit yourself with your limitations..!!!  Flux of career & life and  aspiration about life to live with dreams one see...!!!

Fear of death is no more a substantial fear , now have been overcome by fear of loosing an opportunity.... !!! People travel without fear in cities of high alert in search of opportunity... They know for sure , if we don't die in bomblast , we may kill ourselves everyday by loosing the opportunity that has knocked the door ... so just go and seek  the opportunity... It's not ridiculous, but rational decision...!!

Has Career become more important than life .... ? Its so disturbing that living life having career is on parallel tracks...Life has become so hard , one gets food to eat but is still hungry for working on making dream come true....  There is no  peace in life if you are not doing what you like or what you wish to do... !!!

I understand , not every wish is fulfilled, but many of us has one single wish that if is not fulfilled we go mad.. one feels as a victim , Why only " ME "..? Then many of our friend, philosopher , guide, mentors console us with all inspirational quotes,  " try hard next time , don't worry this happens with all even I have faced this problems, Life is all about such experiences, never give up.... etc etc... !!!!! They are right in their own spirit, and love and care for us. .. Also we feel our parents don't understand what  we want , so they keep asking questions what are we exactly doing with our life..  Even They are absolutely right , everybody who really cares for us is right in their position for our concern....

 What is wrong - is the  situation and time... Let this time go .. Try to Create peace in your mind, you cannot think with a mind seems like a bucket full of water , and you cannot pour more water into it... but you have to empty it.... or take a new bucket ...Then pour your complex thoughts into it... you can take up more thoughts, responsibilities , you can or you must expand yourself ....don't limit yourself with your limitations  !!! So  one should keep trying with all possible efforts and capacity we have... !!

We have have to expand our capacity, understand our passion define it under all circumstances so  no time should fade the passion... Go beyond limits, seek for a  "NEW YOU ", we need to discover and rediscover ourselves again and again..Plan again and again... We can reach to our dreams ....  We may some time end up finding our real being , than a perceived being .. But definitely all efforts are finally counted .... They do get recognition in terms of its value it has... so keep searching yourself ... .. :)

Dedicated to all who wish to live a purposeful life with a dream  .. Salute to the efforts and trials one make to establish one's own dream into realty .... !!!

Lots of Love  and care to all ...:)
 Tejashri Pratap Pratibha Kamble

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Listen to your Heart.... !!!!!!!

Love does has special feeling(tinkling one ) in everybody's life.. I completely agree ... Love is beyond any relation , I agree to this part also ... Each and every life on earth wishes deeply to be loved by other and specially by the one whom they love.... So I would love to discuss about the feeling which meant for a special person... Which cannot be shared  .... sacred , pristine and divine in its essence  !!!

I have seen many real love stories, and every story  has risen my eyebrows with great feeling... For some Love was energy, aim of life, mission to achieve, accomplish, one of the most beautiful thing that ever happened to them and what not..... !!!! For some love was a mistake, unreal, fake, the worst thing that has ever happened to them...!!

Definitely I was not surprised by listening to the adjectives for love.... It was all dependent on experience they had with love. So was understanding the extremism of Love ...

What I felt about this concept is ... It cannot be defined , it is relative to experience . Definitely its not a bubble effect , which might go... But it stays , You may ignore its presence but it is very much aware of your treatment to the feeling . And this ignorance creates a problem.. One needs to pay attention to what one is feeling and get things clear.. Give time to understand reality than craving for love. One cannot have victory over love, but one can just Love. One does not fail in love , but one fails to understand the situation for that moment .

Love is the most simple feeling .. having most complex reactions..... ;) . Love is faith plus hope for a better life to be lived with Loved one... But this faith , hope may crush into pieces ... Doesn't matter ...!!! Remember Life is equally important as Love is.  Respect the dignity of life. Some people ruin their life in failure... So understand the limitations of situation and accept facts and Move on ...

As  falling in love is natural but getting out of it is absolute intentional...and may be sometimes getting hurt is life is above all.. the way we can live with love we can manage without it also...Its not about being lucky who finds and gets the love they wish. Its just an act , a small part of life but for them the entire life.

Try and understand your heart carefully, it will never take you in wrong direction. Have faith in your feelings , when they are uncomfortable, there is something wrong .Its not a random feeling , It knows why it flows, let it flow... Don't try to control it and don't try to hold it. It knows its way. Love needs freedom in the cage of Loved one. Love is just love , it has no similar existence , its simply unique to each person. Since ages people have tried to define love, but no one succeeded, How can I ..?

Instead of understanding love , just fall in love,  just fall in love with your life . And you have freedom to define what your life is..?  You will rise in your life...

Nothing personal but this is what i feel ...:)

- Tejashri (Maanvi- Manasvi)