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Monday, October 22, 2012

An Endless darkness In the Bright Sun ...!!!!!!!

A poor Man Waiting for Sun To rise ,Crying and  Praying hard for sunshine to touch his eyes.....
He had never seen sun in his life, but heard about Sun's miraculous character by his mother ....
Spent every moment in that bright darkness....

A passerby enquired, " How can I help you...? How Can I wipe your tears...? "...
The Man replied, " Could you really do that...Are you capable enough.."
The  passerby replied, " Yes , I am capable enough to help you out. "

The Man in the darkness answered , " If you wish to help please help the Sun not me , ask that sun to  rise in my cottage , I wish to see him, help him to locate my address, The sun has lost his way to Visit my cottage  since my mother's death... If you wish to wipe my  tears, make that Sun to listen my prayers, May be he is deaf.... My tears wont stop by wiping, they roll down with the purpose, so don't worry about them.... Worry about that Sun where has he lost his way.... help him out...!!!! "

The passerby laughed and replied, " Are you Mad,... sun.... lost his way... what are you saying... I wasted my time .. in showing concern for a wrong person, You are not Sad you are Mad.... "

The man replied, " No my  mother said that Sun brings light and happiness in everybody's life. But he has not arrived in my life yet. I don't know why Sun is taking so long to reach my cottage.  Please help him out he has lost his way ..."

The passerby shouted at him again and said , " you have lost senses ".

And the Man smiled with a  Thought - What might be the purpose of that man to help me out , and what made him think that I am Mad & has lost senses ... ? What right he had to interrupt me in my prayer and in the end burst at me ... ? What Have I asked him...? How can he call me Mad for his incapability to help Sun...? Who is Mad.... ? The one who was not even  sure of his capabilities and concern ... is declaring me mad.... ?

The next  day ...
Oh!  Sun if you exist , prove your existence, Now I am not Praying or weeping...I hope you have long ears to listen my voice..... And this interrogation continued every day with more intensity...

All Passerby played their role by enquiring and then pass by , and declaring that man as MAD....

That man  with a sigh thought , I remember my  mother's last words ,  " only sun can remove darkness of your life , I never knew what darkness was, when she was with me ..? May be this is darkness - her absence... In her memories I find happiness, why wait for Sun to arrive. "

And the man stopped praying and crying for that desire in that endless darkness under that bright sun...!!!!!!

Note : This is a fictional story. I thought of this concept when I felt that  I owe a burden of unfulfilled desire on me. The man is blind - as some desires are blind . But life teaches lesson to everyone So also this man learns to live independently, instead of depending on those desire to make him happy. One needs to learn the  art of being  happy independently ultimately only you listen what you wish, other's can  just hear the words.

-- " I, Me Myself and our Thoughts "


  1. Hi,

    Really we needs to learn the art of being happy independently... acceptable thought . I agree and really like your pen.


    1. Thank you so much from me and my Pen...:)
      Lots of love and care to you...:)

  2. This is a great story.. Illustration of "Appo (atma) dipo bhav" with an emotional touch..

    1. ...:) Thank you .. It's an imaginary story ..:)

  3. Salaam.
    I enjoyed your story,it was nice.
    I have posted a story about a strive to find a real friend in my blog.
    This real friend has brought light and happiness to my life.
    I hope you enjoy it,too.

    1. Thank you little Prince.... :) Will read it for sure thank you for sharing it ..:)