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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Disturbed with murders of rationalist .... !

Most of my friends may feel that I am criticising the bureaucracy and government because, though I tried hard to join the IAS, I could not become part of the governance system since I did not clear the exams. I am the same person as the student who was preparing for the IAS exams, but did not pass. The difference is that today I have changed my path, but not my vision.

In a way, I am relieved that I am not a part of that system. I understand the importance of the State as an institution and do not deny its role in governance. And in future, I will always work with State institutions and civil society because I believe in the State. Though I believe in the Marxist ideology, I will make the State work for the common good. I know I can do it.

But I would like to make some serious allegations against the institutions of the State. Let us take the assassinations of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and now Comrade Govind Pansare. Let us also consider the lakhs of farmer suicides and the thousands of common people killed in terrorist bomb blasts; the women killed after rape and for dowry; female foeticide … The list is unending ...

Why is it that such criminals do not fear the State? I feel it is because they know that the State is itself one of the biggest criminals and that they can easily escape from the law and order system, because it has become “a family business”!

You can't punish the criminals, because the criminal is a party member. By their continued inaction, the police department and political institutions as well as leaders, with the bureaucracy and judiciary, are complicit in the murders of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and Comrade Govind Pansare. The common masses can only question Authority, but they cannot become the legitimate authority to take action.

The police are inactive because today they are puppets of their political masters and institutions and are therefore unable to investigate and put the criminals behind the bars... Likewise, the judiciary of India can only kill Justice. The bureaucracy can only warm their chairs by sitting for hours and hours in one place ...

Meanwhile, ‘the Pradhan Sevak’ is busy fooling the common people by wearing expensive coats and auctioning them! What kind of government machinery is this?

I am happy that my friends – Harshal Lohakare, Ashwini Satav-Doke, Rajan Dandekar and Hanumant Pawar – ended their six-day hunger-strike with a resolution to fight anew. Many citizens like me will support them. And we will work together, creating awareness about people’s rights and for better livelihoods.

I may use sharp and bitter language. That is because I need to express myself. Or I will die of suffocation. Yet I try not to react, but respond to the endless questions which rise up in my restless mind. But I am not pessimistic when it comes to my actions. I am not discouraged to leave things as they are. It is my responsibility to work effectively and keep learning while challenging the current situation. I feel it is possible that the pain of the people can be reduced; that Justice is possible; and that the State can function better.

I hope I can do everything that is possible and repay the burden of debt that I owe to the two great leaders who have sacrificed their lives for a better society. And I wish to gain the support and love of all, so that I can keep walking and working and support the struggles, the movement for people's rights and Justice.

Disclaimer: This is not a general discussion on the role of the Police department; there are good and bad people everywhere ... I am not expressing myself generally ... I have a specific concern ... !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

If we Keep justifying such things then we have to be prepared to see our own family as a victim in riot... !!!


I am formulating this message not in deep anger and frustration but  in complete senses, where we all need to think and reflect on it.  some how  I am loosing faith in democracy. And I wish, I should restore it for this I need your support. I do not feel that majority is democracy, democracy should incorporate majority interest along with minorities. Indian democracy is a great challenge for all of us. We cannot loose hope when majority comes to power and minority has to suffer. We have to raise our voice,  when voices are being murdered.

The recent statement of BJP MP Anil shirole  that,  the  Pune murder is some repercussions on facebook post is very dangerous I feel. If authorities start justifying violence like this, then  this is beginning of end of Indian democracy.

The murder of techie, Shaikh Mohasin Sadiq (28) was because of uploading of derogatory pictures of warrior king Shivaji and late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Facebook by unknown persons, this also led to riots in the city of Pune and surrounding areas.

When people are frustrated and gets instigated by communal reactions, it is duty of MP's or any authority to make responsible public statements, which helps to build faith and maintain peace in the society. But Mr. Shirole publicly calling a murder as natural repercussion is adding fuel to such environment. These people needs a lesson from "We the people of India", they cannot take us for granted...  Why is media silent on this. ?  We make issue of people who is fighting for what is right and we are used to ignore what is grossly wrong. Where are we heading.

Communal riots are not accidents... they turn into forest fire when a political leader makes a spontaneous remark which is bias, who takes responsibility of damage. Here Mr. Shirole had good opportunity to be an unbiased face of a party which is majorly known as having Hindutva ideology. Definitely if I would have been a follower of Islam, I would feel that I have to live with huge burden of fear and threat to my life because here leaders who are face of ruling government makes such statements.

Is it that death of Dr. Narendra  Dabholkar should also be taken in same lines then....? That  it was a repercussion ... right...????.  What all they would justify now, Where do we have go for justice. ? One should  don't wish to seek help for justice, I feel justice needs to be created. It does not exist with someone, like person or institution or system .
The system of Justice lies within your intentions, your reactions and response to all kind of  unjust acts. So it is you who has to create Justice , do not seek for it , create it. And share with all.

Imagine if Gandhi would have been not thrown on platform,if  Mahatma Phule had not been allowed to attend his fiend's marriage, if Savitribai Phule had not been abused for her vision to educate women in India, if Ambedkar had not been treated unjustly everywhere he went. Where we would have been ....?

By accepting wrong, unjust we are eradicating the efforts of these people who has toiled their entire life for all of us. Think, rethink..... Life is not that easy joke, that somebody would kill you because they think you were wrong, without knowing what is going wrong... ???

If we Keep justifying such things then we have to be prepared to see our own family as a victim in riot... !!!

Friends raise your voice against such statements.... so what if he is MP... we are citizens of this nation...!!! I feel MP's, MLA's, MLC's  like Mr. Shirole should either resign or take immediate action on the incidence and should publicly say sorry on what they said... !!!!

We cannot set them free for what they are doing, or we will be caught in their trap , which everyone would call it as accident.

So, speak out, ask questions, give time to know what is truth and fight for it.

 May Humanity truimph over evrything that exist.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Election in India is crime against humanity ... !!!

Standing with a hope in queue of Elections ---is actually  trading of votes in India ...!!!

I experienced a terror of Hope ...  spent an entire day of Voting on polling booth  ... !!!! It Gave me the feeling that Voting in India and especially elections is like crime against humanity... !!!! I don't know why these people vote, what do they get .... ? And that too for Loksabha....??? (I know I may sound undemocratic, lunatic but this thought came to my mind, so I am putting it.)

What is the thing that drive these people to come to polling booth--- first time voters, 70+ age group people, labour class, Leprosy patient, fractured patients,  the elite who criticise politics  were also in queue... People were coming with family to vote...!!! What is this... ???? I simply fail to understand this ...!!!

 I am finding democracy as a curse on people who are becoming victim of this democratic process and freedom in democracy , where are we heading ????? and gifts distribution to buy votes, promises and gifts  to lure the voters ,  some of the voters were scared of that machine, don't know how to vote, the administrative blunders causing problem and discouraging voters... wastage of paper to the maximum level... inefficiency, but enthusiasm to work on election duty...!!! Loads of waste is created - Banners, pamphlets, hoardings, etc.....!!!!(Please do not comment here that people are getting job because of this banner and all .)



Husshhhhh.. this elections in India....!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

let us hold hands together to clean Indian politics .... !!! Come , dare to vote , and vote for change ... !!!

Whatever ... but there are butterflies in my stomach .. It is really wonderful feeling, I was never excited to this level about exercising my voting right and campaigning for a party..  This time I don't have to choose between worst.. I have a straight forward clean and efficient choice AAP candidate (Prof. Subhash Ware).. And I am extremely proud about the choice I am making. I know I am voting with a purpose..!!!

I am least bothered about the result, but I know I can tune in with the agenda of AAP... The agenda has set huge responsibilities for us... Voting is just the beginning of the work...  We have to dig the issues, understand them, build the process about how we can work on it. We don't have to be politician or a parliamentarian to work on national issues but we can contribute to the same by being what we are .. this is the essence  of AAP .. Politics is not the game of bloody corrupt, communal, castiest and hypocrite people... Politics is all about you and me ... We have to take decision for ourselves... It is high time now, we have to be responsible for the choices we make... !!!

Remember our constitution says "WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation"

So the choice is very clear, do not follow the crowd, family ,religion,, community  follow your own voice, the voice which needs attention since decades, One vote can make a difference, your vote can change the system.... Be the beginner, stop repeating the mistakes, make a new mistake .. And this time we would be responsible for our mistakes... let us hold hands together to clean Indian politics .... !!! Come , dare to vote , and vote for change ... !!!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Observe yourself and Absorb yourself...!!!

The faith you have within,  let it not perish, don't jump to conclusions ,
but be a silent storm, like a breeze,
which flows within, and disturbs none...!!!

Everything is so simple, it only seems difficult,
Each knot has a role, a purpose, let it be the way it is,
Force creates a resistance, and brings stains ..!!!

Could be yourself..?
for long you have been some one else ,
observe yourself, and absorb yourself...!!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Though not satisfied, yet a sigh of relax... !!! Yesss ... Rapist would be hanged ...!!!

I don't wish to dwell into the theories of punishment, whether death penalty should be given or no ...As rape is very-much conscious effort  to murder the dignity of the individual with force...!!! The rapist need no mercy in respect of punishment and rehabilitation. This predetermined force (to rape someone)- to overpower someone and enjoy the process need a strong answer like death penalty, these shameless people must experience death...they should be killed, ...!!!

Though I have an extremely heavy feeling on whole issue. But the state of being uncomfortable for long disturbs the efforts of ours which are trying to establish peace in our life. Raping someone is an attitude which is hard to be amended or improved. Rape is one of the most heinous crime than any other crime existed in these so called "humane civilization". I always believe in this "Granting human rights to the culprits would means denying human rights to innocent".

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!!

Sympathy is ok ... but empathy is need of the hour .. !!! 
An argument in the organ donation awareness drive at zensar... !!

A person- We cannot make a person immortal by donating the organ ...the reciepient is definitely going to die some day.. then why donate.. ?

I - sir we can increase the life span of a person when our lives end.. 

Person- but i believe in rebirth , so the person is going to take birth again... why create intervention by this donation, let that person die and take rebirth...

I- sir can you guarantee the person's rebirth... ?

Person - many patients die after transplantation ... then ... ?
I - sir this not compulsory.. its your wish ...

Person- i am anyways not going to donate , i just wanted to convince that you are creating an intervention .....

I - sir.. do you take medicine when u r ill or do you have meal when u r hungry.. ?

Person - excuse me i have call... !!!!

And he didn't turn back...
So this is how some over intelligent people drain their energy and are always dissatisfied , negative about life even in BMW... !!

But i was extremely pleased by some generous people around.. they were few .. but they were determined about the progessive mindset and were rational enough to pledge for organ donation ... !!!
Thank you akshay for ur support....