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Friday, September 13, 2013

Though not satisfied, yet a sigh of relax... !!! Yesss ... Rapist would be hanged ...!!!

I don't wish to dwell into the theories of punishment, whether death penalty should be given or no ...As rape is very-much conscious effort  to murder the dignity of the individual with force...!!! The rapist need no mercy in respect of punishment and rehabilitation. This predetermined force (to rape someone)- to overpower someone and enjoy the process need a strong answer like death penalty, these shameless people must experience death...they should be killed, ...!!!

Though I have an extremely heavy feeling on whole issue. But the state of being uncomfortable for long disturbs the efforts of ours which are trying to establish peace in our life. Raping someone is an attitude which is hard to be amended or improved. Rape is one of the most heinous crime than any other crime existed in these so called "humane civilization". I always believe in this "Granting human rights to the culprits would means denying human rights to innocent".

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