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Saturday, June 7, 2014

If we Keep justifying such things then we have to be prepared to see our own family as a victim in riot... !!!


I am formulating this message not in deep anger and frustration but  in complete senses, where we all need to think and reflect on it.  some how  I am loosing faith in democracy. And I wish, I should restore it for this I need your support. I do not feel that majority is democracy, democracy should incorporate majority interest along with minorities. Indian democracy is a great challenge for all of us. We cannot loose hope when majority comes to power and minority has to suffer. We have to raise our voice,  when voices are being murdered.

The recent statement of BJP MP Anil shirole  that,  the  Pune murder is some repercussions on facebook post is very dangerous I feel. If authorities start justifying violence like this, then  this is beginning of end of Indian democracy.

The murder of techie, Shaikh Mohasin Sadiq (28) was because of uploading of derogatory pictures of warrior king Shivaji and late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Facebook by unknown persons, this also led to riots in the city of Pune and surrounding areas.

When people are frustrated and gets instigated by communal reactions, it is duty of MP's or any authority to make responsible public statements, which helps to build faith and maintain peace in the society. But Mr. Shirole publicly calling a murder as natural repercussion is adding fuel to such environment. These people needs a lesson from "We the people of India", they cannot take us for granted...  Why is media silent on this. ?  We make issue of people who is fighting for what is right and we are used to ignore what is grossly wrong. Where are we heading.

Communal riots are not accidents... they turn into forest fire when a political leader makes a spontaneous remark which is bias, who takes responsibility of damage. Here Mr. Shirole had good opportunity to be an unbiased face of a party which is majorly known as having Hindutva ideology. Definitely if I would have been a follower of Islam, I would feel that I have to live with huge burden of fear and threat to my life because here leaders who are face of ruling government makes such statements.

Is it that death of Dr. Narendra  Dabholkar should also be taken in same lines then....? That  it was a repercussion ... right...????.  What all they would justify now, Where do we have go for justice. ? One should  don't wish to seek help for justice, I feel justice needs to be created. It does not exist with someone, like person or institution or system .
The system of Justice lies within your intentions, your reactions and response to all kind of  unjust acts. So it is you who has to create Justice , do not seek for it , create it. And share with all.

Imagine if Gandhi would have been not thrown on platform,if  Mahatma Phule had not been allowed to attend his fiend's marriage, if Savitribai Phule had not been abused for her vision to educate women in India, if Ambedkar had not been treated unjustly everywhere he went. Where we would have been ....?

By accepting wrong, unjust we are eradicating the efforts of these people who has toiled their entire life for all of us. Think, rethink..... Life is not that easy joke, that somebody would kill you because they think you were wrong, without knowing what is going wrong... ???

If we Keep justifying such things then we have to be prepared to see our own family as a victim in riot... !!!

Friends raise your voice against such statements.... so what if he is MP... we are citizens of this nation...!!! I feel MP's, MLA's, MLC's  like Mr. Shirole should either resign or take immediate action on the incidence and should publicly say sorry on what they said... !!!!

We cannot set them free for what they are doing, or we will be caught in their trap , which everyone would call it as accident.

So, speak out, ask questions, give time to know what is truth and fight for it.

 May Humanity truimph over evrything that exist.