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Monday, June 18, 2012

If this continues...The force of Youth will be killed.... And I dont wish to be killed ...!!!

I feel like denouncing Citizenship of this country.....I would hate myself being a part of Youth and behave like a dependent. But I am not an escapist, hence I would agitate and demand justice for my nation. And I know There are lakhs of mind who would support my thought. In spirit we are Indians. I need not mention about Glory of Indians. We are best in everything that exist in this world, but at same parameter we have worst results as well and this contradictions exists only in our nation...? why..? We all know the reasons,  Why not concentrate on solutions.

It is always said  that a nation is nothing without its people, a nation is a race. But if my nation is full of these people , I don't want to be a part of it. I may sound absurd, but I am fed-up of these thick skin reactions of the people and the politicians.

The economist of the nation are worried about the declining growth rate of GDP, the scientists are worried about space missions, the technologists and software industry is worried about OBAMA's policy of protectionism.... Here everybody is right as they are doing their assigned duty. And I respect them all.

What about our so called " Elected Representative " ? What are they doing..? They are only playing with our sentiments. I know they are not our true representative. We hardly find our representative in the assembly. Everything is  put-forth as mandatory on us. Every thing is so discouraging,  People like Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Aamir Khan are being tainted. And people like Kalmadi, Kannimozi are on bail. Where honest IAS, and IPS and other Officers fall prey to the Maosist, Terrorist, crime- muscle power,  a wild nexus build by the system and supported by the system.

The issue of Presidential candidate has made Indian politics not only immature but foolish, rubbish and nonsense.  It is so clear that Congress Raaj is destroying the spirit of Democracy, Republic. Other parties don't even dare to have any  role. How ridiculous. ? I know the the Post of President is ceremonial, but this does not mean we will accept any scrap. Why are we always settled with less worst... As options are full of worst people, even if something better exist and is capable and dedicated and most important deserved. I also know that in India even the post of PM is Ceremonial, he being clean and honest makes our mouth shut. But if this continues, just imagine  where we are marching....?

This might sound as a lecture. and nobody has time to spend time on this. But what are we doing as a citizen of our nation. I would hate myself being a part of Youth and behave like a dependent. We have witnessed revolution, I am not demanding the same. But we need to give at least a single thought in a day to think about nation's welfare and its issues, and surely we can do something concrete.

 In this globalised world you might feel the concept of nation is defined by MNCs, Global economy, etc, hence u may not need our nation, and you can settle any where in the world. But our nation needs us.Please stand against the injustice done to our nation by our own people. It's not my request but  I strongly demand a common voice, Voice of the Citizen, To protect yourself and our nation from these hypocrisy.


  1. Good article. Keep writing (beyond facebook).

    I think your view on current political scenario is incomplete. It's not only ruling party or coalition. It's about how politics works in India. When some other party comes to power, I am sure they would be acting in same or differently hopeless fashion.

    Amir Khan is ok because he comes with practical solutions on common level. His ways match my frequency and amplitude. I walk on the streets, and there, very few people suspect him or talk nonsense about him. But Bedi, Kejriwal? I don't know, will never know.

    Agitation? No thanks. I am happy with my brain to decide what to expect in Political/Social India. I know that some people will call me so-called-intellectual or mad. But, whatever. :-)

    Summary: I liked your article.

    1. I have not asked whether you liked my article or not....Its about organising genuine support and putting our best efforts for a noble cause of saving our own nation....Thats it...!!!

    2. I do not comment because you or anybody want it that way.

      Anyway, it's your blog. You can take down my comment or block me if you cannot sustain comments that you've not asked.

    3. haa raag yogya tya thihani dhakhalas ki aplya deshach bhala hoil re.. hich gosht samjhavaychi ahe...